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crazy March is about to start, Nike will not miss this opportunity to advertise their shoes, and today we saw a Nike for the University of Miami team designed Nike Hyperdunk. The color is exaggerated, green, orange and gray are intertwined, and the SUPRA is to do note the somewhat similar patrick.

this year is the classic retro shoes Nike Air Max 97 20th anniversary commemorative, in the long-awaited gold, silver bullet after the moment, shoes are about to usher in a variety of color on sale. The offering includes not only OG shoes, but also a more sophisticated Air Max 97, OG Premium and fabric upgrades, lighter lightweight Air Max 97 Ultra, giving you a very rich choice.

Nine days after the ball, Pan Xiaoting backhand with mobile phone.

backhand touch the navel, clavicle and coin... It's all out! Recently, a new show figure -- "mobile phone backhand folder" these days pop up on the network, users only need to complete the "Namaste" behind, and in between your hands on mobile phone can clip. This challenge is also based on the height of the backhand to identify whether you are a goddess or a female man. Many younger sisters imitate and show the devil's body. The reporter can't help feeling: "you can really play in the city!"
What does the doctor explain to
against the backhand handset?

PLA 454th hospital doctor Liu Wen said that the degree of completion of the main mobile phone backhand clip has a great relationship with flexibility. In general, because the female body is thin, relatively thin, joint ligament is loose, so easy to do more than men. And the strong body, because the ligament is tight, the muscle is thicker, it is difficult to complete this action. In addition, the body fat person because of shoulder joint activities is relatively small, is not easy to do.
have a good figure with a backhand clip on a mobile phone? In fact, the good or bad of the body is not tested by an action. Thin also does not mean to have a good figure, the proportion of body proportions is more important.
Liu Wen reminded the majority of users, fashionable also should do what, not because of the completion of action force of injury, in order to avoid sequelae.

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