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recently, eBay seller shelves of a gold Hyperposite PE, from the color point of view, this shoe should be Chris · special styles used by Bosh for the championship celebration, but with the heat but missed three consecutive championships, this pair of shoes will be abandoned. ;

Crocs heavy rights
Kaloch (NASDAQ: CROX) announced today that 18 defendants who manufactured and sold counterfeit goods were sentenced to 46 years in prison by the Chinese court. Of the 17 defendants who manufactured and sold counterfeit goods, 2 were convicted of bribery, while eighteenth accused were charged with bribery in the manufacture of counterfeit goods. In addition to imprisonment, 18 pirates and 2 other men were sentenced to fines of 2832500 yuan (equivalent to about $50896). In the survey, nearly 128752 pairs of counterfeit goods were confiscated and valued at about 60000000 yuan (equivalent to about $9550690).
"In order to protect intellectual property rights, we will pursue any attempt to manufacture or sell infringing copyright products," said Dan Hart, chief executive of
's legal department. The harsh judgment of the case reflects the Chinese government's determination and importance to crack down on counterfeit goods, and we are very much in agreement with it. We do not allow pirates harm our brand image, and will continue to work closely with relevant departments, and actively fight against any unauthorized use of those Crocs trademarks, design and other intellectual property rights."

the people's Court of Shanghai, Dongguan and the first people's Court of Yangpu District were responsible for hearing the case and made a ruling between March 13, 2012 and September 27th.

in addition, Sara Hoverstock, a general counsel for Asia, said: "the sentences and fines involved in the case reflect the Chinese government's active efforts to crack down on counterfeit goods.". In tracking and investigating counterfeit goods, we recognize the important role of the Chinese government and thank them for their support."

as of September, more than 600000 pairs of counterfeit shoes were confiscated during a factory search and customs clearance in China in 2012. In the areas of Guangdong, Shanghai and Fujian, the court instituted 35 related criminal proceedings.

Data map.
in October 31st, the British "run" King Mo · Farah has released a video through social media platform, announced that he will be with coach Salazar (Alberto Salazar) in the future will be to "break up", British coach Gary rove (Gary Lough) ·.

Love is a big role in Britain and, like his wife, is the women's marathon world record holder Radcliffe (Paula Radcliffe).

Salazar is a middle name coach, "ruthless" is known, he is the person in charge of Nike Oregon training program, under the command of many famous. Farah has been trained with Salazar since 2011, and won the 5000 and 10000 meter gold medal in the two Olympic Games in the last few years, and also won the prize in the world championships. In addition, Rupp, the white man of the United States, was also an apprentice of Salazar, who won the Chicago marathon soon.
The separation of
from Salazar also means that Fala will leave the training camp in the United States and return to the native English life and training. "I'm really very homesick!" Farah said.

in the video, Farah expressed gratitude to everyone in mentor Salazar and Nike Oregon training program, and also told his expectation for the future: "to start a new training plan, I am extremely excited and can't wait to go home."
The reason that
left Salazar has nothing to do with "stimulants". Salazar has been questioned and the investigation of the U.S. Anti Doping Agency, although there is no evidence that the coach to the apprentice drug use, but the whole team for many years shrouded in doping "doubt", including farah.

Farah, already 34 years old, has also made a clear statement this year: the future of the project. He has targeted the London Marathon in April next year.

(track and field camp)

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