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KD 7 will continue the tradition, continue to introduce committed to caring for children and adolescents "N7" theme color, this color is also a continuation of the series of blue theme, and collocation gold Swoosh and decorative pattern, very vibrant sunshine.

Swatch grand launch of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. This series of commemorative watch series for the first time in China traditional culture and art essence is a source of inspiration, combined with the Olympic ideals, the use of touch the forefront of the international fashion design, gift show people love precious culture, art and sports the perfect.

Beijing in October 18th, the haze of the previous day broke out.

/ Tan Jie "leader" magazine publisher, Chinese Athletic Association, the individual members of the marathon Committee

Sunday, October 18th, in the early third, Lining ran 10K, places like last year, olson.

if it was not a month ahead of the North horse, it would have been a day of the Chinese running flagship event - the North horse. It is interesting that the North horse demise made Lining 10K from the Beijing days, because the day before, Beijing is experiencing more than PM400 of suffering, and on the day of the contest, actually clear. Also in October 18th, the gap left after the North horse withdrawal made the day the biggest day in Chinese sports history so far.

on the Olson game, always make people happy people worry. Beijing, the beautiful scenery of autumn since Needless to say, but Olsen after all is designed according to the needs of the park, the runway distance is very accurate, but the width of unpredictable, in addition to the north and the horse race, Olsen could not do net garden. So, if it's a speed runner, it's really going to be surrounded by the crowd, and there's not a few sawing wars, it's hard to get out of the.
has recently been called on everyone to run in awe, keep running etiquette, so "leader run group is consciously refinement, members of the team before their careful warm-up, attitude adjustment, concentration, no photo, not to show the running group banner, not a cross station. Meet in the starting area, point the head, make a greeting, and then continue to prepare for the war. The
leader's run group came together after the game to take a quick picture.One night before the
competition, the athletes' guide was read. It was found that 6000 races were divided into two zones according to the color of the number cloth, which is not common in the 10 km race in China, but it is also not unusual. Then go down, the game is going to start with a gun?!

that's the big thing. Since, as the gun best solution and the track of the starting point of congestion is considered that most of the great scourges, organizers no longer dare to put forward the application to the relevant departments. Perhaps, in the opinion of the departments concerned, the departure of the gun means the overtime use of the starting area and the track.

, of course, it is closely linked with the zoning stations, because if there is no partition, generally speaking, we all want to go forward as far as possible, and the final result will be crowded. However, as long as the subarea station is implemented, the following is the test of the organizer's management ability and the quality of the competitors.
pre match runners are warm-up by the color division of the number cloth.
Lining 10K's principle on that day is that the players who wear fast regional number cloth can enter the slow area (blue bottom), but the blue number cloth players can't go forward to the red area. I see, is a way of isolating the robust and strong volunteers, they guarantee the red "with the body

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